End To End testing

I truly believe in TDD (Test driven development).  Nevertheless I think that just TDD and refactoring don’t imply that the developers are writing first time right code.  TDD will only test the case the developer has thought of.  It’s a coding practice that is helping in improving the design but it’s not a guarantee for perfect quality.   

On the project we are currently working on, we’ve planned some end to end testing sessions. Each testing session’s goal is to test a couple of stories. We hope that these tests will be helpful to better understand what our end-users really want.   As we don’t have a dedicated QA team the responsibility of the tests is handled by our usability team.  They invited some end users for testing sessions. We already do a lot of tests but this is the first time we are organizing formal end to end tests during the development process. 

Although the first testing session will be held tomorrow I’ve the feeling that the investment we made by preparing these tests is already paying off. Usually a couple of weeks before the delivery date a lot of pressure are put on the head of the team.    The sessions are motivating the team to deliver a complete set of features at regular moments in time.  Because we organised these tests all over the development period we’ve divided the delivery of the product into small releases. The developers are therefore making regular sprints and this is improving our productivity and quality. 

Knowing that the fearless end-users are coming to evaluate our product stimulates us to deliver more quality.  It helped us discover bugs sooner because someone else that is not as close to the code check that the code is doing what he expects.

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