Lego Mindstorm Nxt intro

In November 2006 I went to Redmond for an architecture conference at the Microsoft campus.  My agenda was fully booked and I had very few time for myself. 


Nevertheless I managed to free one hour just before taking my plane back.  I went to the local Lego shop in the shopping center near my hotel and bought a Lego mindstorm NXT kit.  In fact I promised to my oldest son to bring him a robot back from the US.  I have to confess that for the moment it’s papa that exclusively play with the Robot.


Back to home I spend many evenings at experimenting with my son new toy.  I first assembled the basic Tribot and made some very cool little programs with the Lego visual development environment.   I found this environment very well designed and easy to use.  The documentation is also very complete but the tutorials are very basic. I suppose this will improve in the future.  Unfortunately I experimented also lots of frustrations when my programs became bigger.  The development environment crashed many times and I loosed many programs.  To avoid this I used “my blocks” this are reusable program components.  In traditional programming environment this type of reusable programming parts are called functions or methods.  “My blocks” can have input and output arguments. 


In this post I attached some picture of one of the robots I build.  It's based on the T-Rex but on wheels.  I modified the T-Rex design and replaced the legs with wheels because the legs of the T-Rex consume a lot of energy, are innefective nor practical to control.


In the next posts I will present one of the "My blocks" I programmed and try to provide a basic tutorial on developing your own "My blocks".  


A very cool site to learn programming NXT with the lego IDE can be found on: http://www.ortop.org/NXT_Tutorial/html/essentials.html This site contains lots a video lessons on how to program the NXT. 








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