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My team has worked hard last months to develop the latest Skynet application: Exist!

This application is primarily a social networking site addressed to Belgians who want to aggregate not only all the digital content they create and/or are interested in, but also all the digital information they may have compulsed over the time, into one place. It is also an opportunity to reinforce the social networking dimension we offer through our products. The main features of the site are to search by tags in order to find interesting profiles and to aggregate content in order to share your centres of interest.


During all stages of the development lifecycle we used web 2.0. technologies and paradigms. Therefore, all the effort has been brought to implement a feed aggregator, clean and meaningful URL and provide a rich end user experience through the use of ajax. The most difficult was to be able to provide a rich user experience with ajax but at the same time guarantee that the site remain crawler friendly.


This application was build using the latest technologies of two worlds that most web developers consider as concurrent: PHP and .Net. For the presentation layer we used a mix of the Yahoo YUI control library and prototype and the server side code was written in PHP 5.2  using our portal framework: ATOM.   For the backend we used WCF the latest Microsoft framework for building distributed applications.  By combining these technologies we tried to use the best tools available from the enterprise and open source world. 


Currently the application is online but not officially launched. So subscribe now exclusively and be one of the first on this new community.


Dutch version:  http://exist.skynet.be

French version: http://existe.skynet.be



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cool Pas mal du tout, félicitation. Enfin qqc de différent.

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