Web 2.0 or the self organizing web

Till recently I thought that Web 2.0 didn’t mean anything but last year I had the opportunity to participate at the SAF summit in Redmond.  Their I talked to people like Michael Platt who is primarily focussed on everything that is in connection with the Web 2.0 hype.  Now I’m convinced that we should (re-)think our business and techniques to be part of the revolution that Web 2.0 will be for our industry.  We are at the beginning of a new era, a time of rapid evolution in the IT industry that will cause considerable changes.    This disruption is underway but the baseline of what will happen in the future or who will be the new leaders have not yet emerged.  Specifically online media companies like Skynet are facing big opportunities but before realizing these opportunities we’ve to rethink our business if we want to survive.


I believe that moving forward advertising based companies, like ours, will be one of the pillars of the new revenue models with great profit potentials.  I also believe that the market will localize and that the future belongs to local companies because the advertisement in the future will grow horizontally. Advertising based companies will attract more and more little companies and local players as Skynet have a big advantage towards big multinational players.


Web 2.0. is mostly associated to new technologies like Ajax, REST, Mashups but in fact it is the least relevant part of it. In fact I have to confess that I hate the Ajax hype.  For me Web 2.0 is more about the web organizing the knowledge generated by the web. It is partially about organizing content and communication in accordance with a new paradigm. But what are the components of this new paradigm? I believe that Tagging is one of them.  Tagging is a great example of how Web 2.0. enables the web to self organizing itself.  


Tagging could change the way we organize our advertisement and could be an incredible value differentiator towards our customers. By allowing users to bookmark our content we get also a way to know our self and the content we own better.  Tagging could be a way to generate knowledge around our content and make invisible connections appear.  We should think about different ways of letting the user tagging all types of our content on our site (pages, rss feeds, music, video’s).  This will increase the user experience because the user will be able to retrieve more easily content by the way he organized the content for his own.  This will also give the user the ability to retrieve content by the way other users has tagged the content. This intelligence could be an immense asset for our customers.  Think about the way we could organize their advertisement campaigns by using the intelligence that the users have created for us.  We could also re-unify the people and the content by making links between tags describing people and tags describing content. 


Also for direct marketing tagging could mean a revolution in the way we organize new services.  It seems obvious to me that we should re-invent the way we qualify our users.  Let them decide how they describe themselves; don’t format the answer like we do now! 

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